Transforming communities.
Generating value.


What We Do



Real Estate Development

We bring realistic market perspectives to our partners.

Thoughtful in our approach, we innovatively pursue rewarding projects that enhance value for communities and partners.

Construction Services

We seamlessly deliver projects on-time and within budget.

From idea to final execution, our team of experts manage projects to the finest detail resulting in long-standing relationships and trusted partnerships.

Asset Management

We ensure our properties maintain and grow in value.

Our strong community ties, business and political relationships allow us to ascertain market trends to ensure growth and prosperity for stakeholders.

WhO We Are


A Strategic Partner

We are transformational leaders in developing new opportunities for multinational institutions in urban communities.

McLaurin has effectively brokered, developed, and consulted with niche stakeholders collaboratively building bridges that resulted in the development of numerous community and power centers anchored by stable national tenants like Starbucks, Home Depot, and Target.

Focused on Community Vitality

Our goal is to develop projects that provide access, foster vibrancy, and encourage inclusive communities.

Our focus on community vitality has resulted in hundreds of acres of revitalized and re-developed land sites, 1MM+ SF of new commercial developments, thousands of new jobs, and valuations over $0.5B in new investment resources.